Lots of people who begin using their first hosting account, or change companies, normally have queries in regard to how certain operations are carried out or confront difficulties when setting up various things such as emails, site settings, and so on. For this reason, many web hosting providers have compiled documentation with popular questions and issues so as to help their clients get info quickly and easily. Consequently, the customer support staff representatives can dedicate more time to actual problems that given clients may be encountering, since the solution for the minor things will be available on the World Wide Web and customers can easily cope with them without contacting the customer care team. Having in-depth documentation is really important, particularly for new users without any past experience at all, as the web hosting service involves an enormous amount of features and lots of individuals can become baffled about what action to take. A good knowledge base can both help you execute the procedures that you want and find out how the web hosting service functions as a whole.

Extensive Online Documentation in Shared Hosting

All Linux shared packages that we’re offering feature an extensive knowledge base where you can find everything you need to know about your web hosting account. Irrespective of whether you desire to create a brand-new database, to forward a domain name by means of an .htaccess configuration file or to create an e-mail address on your desktop PC or hand-held device, you can simply check our help articles and all the info that you require will be there. When you visit a certain section of your Hepsia hosting Control Panel, you will see articles that are related to the functions that you can access through it. If you would like to check the whole article collection and get familiar with all the functions that Hepsia is offering, or simply to read generic information about the hosting service, you can browse through the entire knowledge base, which can be accessed through the Help menu in your Control Panel. We’ve tried our very best to cover any obstacle that you could possibly confront, but in case you don’t find the info that you’re searching for, you can always get in touch with us, as our support team members are on duty around the clock.

Extensive Online Documentation in Semi-dedicated Hosting

We have compiled an exhaustive online knowledge base for all our current and potential customers, so in case you order a semi-dedicated server plan through us, you’ll be able to find any info that you are searching for at any moment. We’ve got numerous educative help articles, which will help you understand better what’s going on in your semi-dedicated server account – "What’s PHP?" and "What are file access permissions?" are only two examples. Our in-depth tutorials will help you accomplish anything you need – extract an archive file, import a database, redirect a domain name, etc. Plus, we’ve also got troubleshooting guidelines, which will allow you to discover what induces a certain problem and the likely solutions for it. In case you can’t send emails or your domain returns a 500 Internal Server Error message, for example, you can examine our knowledge base and solve the problem in no time. You can access the articles through each Control Panel section, as well as through the all-inclusive Help section.